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EasyPOS is an important part of a complete Business Management System, BMS, which dose not only use for a single POS but also for the multiple location stores with multi-lane counter. It enables cashiers to process transactions and serve customers quickly and effectively, and also enables store managers to maintain tight control over inventory, pricing, suppliers, promotions, customer information, and reporting.

BMS supports PC-based POS systems, and takes POS functions to the next level with variable payment types, instant inventory look-ups, and customized service. It enables retailers to use the POS system to recommend products to customers and provide personalized service. BMS/Easypos automates many routine business tasks, such as inventory management and updating of prices. It has a large selection of defined and custom reports to make every aspect of business operations transparent, including analysis for promotions and marketing efforts, the sales performance of selected inventory items, and the productivity of staff members.


  • Streamline Business Process
  • Very easy to Set up and use
  • Track and manage inventory efficiently
  • Help improve security and your bottom line
  • Make better-informed business decisions
  • Increase sales and build customer loyalty
  • Expand Easily
  • Make your business software more versatile by integrating with other business applications
  • Improve customer service and revenue with new payment processing and service features
  • Simplify processes and safeguard business information and transactions
  • Tailor your solution to the way you work
  • Support touch Screen operation
  • Easy to connect Customer Pole, Scanner, Scale, and various peripherals.





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